clog Definition

  • 1a shoe with a thick wooden sole
  • 2block or become blocked with an accumulation of thick, wet matter
  • 3prevent movement or flow

Using clog: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore a pair of traditional Dutch clogs.

  • Example

    The sink was clogged with hair and soap.

  • Example

    The streets were clogged with traffic during rush hour.

  • Example

    The protesters tried to clog the entrance to the building.

clog Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with clog

  • clog up

    to block something completely


    The drain is clogged up with leaves.

  • a type of dance in which the dancer's shoes are fitted with clogs, or taps, on the soles and heels


    The traditional clog dance originated in northern England.

  • a problem that slows down or stops a process or system


    The software glitch was a clog in the machine, causing the entire system to crash.

Origins of clog

from Middle Dutch 'klogge'


Summary: clog in Brief

The term 'clog' [klɒɡ] refers to a type of shoe with a thick wooden sole, as well as the act of blocking or becoming blocked with thick, wet matter. It can also mean to prevent movement or flow. Examples include 'She wore a pair of traditional Dutch clogs,' and 'The sink was clogged with hair and soap.' Phrases like 'clog up' and 'clog in the machine' denote complete blockage and problems that slow down or stop a process or system.