collapse Definition

  • 1to fall down suddenly because of pressure or having no strength or support
  • 2to fail suddenly and completely
  • 3to break down emotionally

Using collapse: Examples

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    The building collapsed after the earthquake.

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    The company's stock price collapsed after the scandal.

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    She collapsed from exhaustion after running the marathon.

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    He collapsed in tears after hearing the news.

collapse Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using collapse

  • to fail quickly and completely


    The company's plans went down like a house of cards when the investors pulled out.

  • to fail or break down completely


    The project fell apart at the seams when the team members couldn't agree on a direction.

  • to fail or end suddenly and dramatically


    Her dreams of becoming an actress came crashing down when she didn't get the part.

Phrases with collapse

  • mental collapse

    a sudden and severe breakdown in a person's mental health


    The stress of the job led to his mental collapse.

  • a sudden and severe decline in the economy of a country or region


    The Great Depression was a period of economic collapse in the United States.

  • the failure of a building or other structure due to damage or weakness


    The structural collapse of the bridge caused several fatalities.

Origins of collapse

from Latin 'collapsus', past participle of 'collabi', meaning 'fall together'


Summary: collapse in Brief

The verb 'collapse' [kəˈlæps] means to fall down suddenly due to pressure, lack of strength or support, or to fail suddenly and completely. It can also refer to breaking down emotionally. Examples include 'The building collapsed after the earthquake.' and 'She collapsed from exhaustion after running the marathon.' Phrases like 'mental collapse' and idioms like 'go down like a house of cards' further illustrate the concept of sudden failure.

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