collection Definition

  • 1the act or process of collecting something
  • 2a group of objects or works of art that are kept together, often for display purposes
  • 3an amount of money that is owed and needs to be paid back

Using collection: Examples

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    The collection of data took several months.

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    The museum has an impressive collection of paintings.

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    He has a large collection of stamps.

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    She owes a large collection of debts.

collection Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using collection

  • a mixed bag/collection

    a group of things that are very different from each other


    The restaurant's menu is a mixed bag/collection of dishes from different cuisines.

  • to begin collecting a particular type of object or item


    He started a collection of vintage cars when he was in his twenties.

  • add to one's collection

    to acquire a new item or object and add it to an existing collection


    She added a rare book to her collection of first editions.

Phrases with collection

  • a business that specializes in collecting debts owed by individuals or businesses


    The bank hired a collection agency to recover the unpaid loans.

  • a plate or container used in church services to collect donations from the congregation


    The usher passed around the collection plate during the Sunday service.

  • a box or container used to collect money or donations for a charitable cause


    The volunteers placed a collection box at the entrance of the store to raise funds for the homeless shelter.

Origins of collection

from Latin 'collectio', meaning 'a gathering'


Summary: collection in Brief

The term 'collection' [kəˈlɛkʃ(ə)n] refers to the act of gathering or accumulating something, such as data or debts. It also denotes a group of objects or works of art kept together for display, like a museum's collection of paintings. Phrases like 'collection agency' and 'collection plate' extend the term into specific contexts, while idioms like 'a mixed bag/collection' and 'start a collection' convey the diversity and personal nature of collections.

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