commerce Definition

the activity of buying and selling goods and services, especially on a large scale or between different countries.

Using commerce: Examples

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    The city is a center of commerce and finance.

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    The company has expanded its commerce to international markets.

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    E-commerce has revolutionized the way people shop online.

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    The government is promoting commerce by reducing taxes on small businesses.

commerce Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using commerce

  • open for business/commerce

    ready to start operating or trading


    The new store is now open for business, and they are offering discounts to early customers.

  • do a roaring trade/commerce

    to do a lot of business and sell a lot of goods or services


    The food truck did a roaring trade during the lunch hour rush.

  • talk shop/commerce

    to discuss work-related topics or business matters


    Whenever they meet, they always end up talking shop about the latest trends in e-commerce.

Phrases with commerce

  • an association of businesspeople who promote and protect the interests of their commercial community


    The local chamber of commerce organized a networking event for small business owners.

  • e-commerce

    commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet


    Many businesses have shifted to e-commerce platforms due to the pandemic.

  • a provision in the US Constitution that gives Congress the power to regulate commerce among states and with foreign nations


    The Supreme Court has interpreted the commerce clause in various landmark cases.

Origins of commerce

from Latin 'commercium', meaning 'trade together'


Summary: commerce in Brief

The term 'commerce' [ˈkɒmɜːs] refers to the activity of buying and selling goods and services, often on a large scale or between different countries. It encompasses e-commerce and the promotion of business interests through organizations like the chamber of commerce. Idioms like 'open for business' and 'do a roaring trade' describe readiness to operate and success in sales, while 'talk shop' denotes discussing work-related topics.

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