commercialize Definition

  • 1to make something into a product that is sold to the public
  • 2to exploit something for financial gain

Using commercialize: Examples

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    The company plans to commercialize their new invention next year.

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    The film industry has commercialized the art of cinema.

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    The government is accused of commercializing education.

commercialize Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with commercialize

  • to take advantage of something for financial gain


    Some people believe that companies are commercializing on the pandemic by selling overpriced products.

  • to turn a song into a product that can be sold to the public


    The band decided to commercialize their hit song by releasing it as a single.

  • to turn a sport into a business or industry


    Some people argue that the Olympics have become too commercialized.

Origins of commercialize

from French 'commericaliser', from 'commerce', meaning 'trade'


Summary: commercialize in Brief

The verb 'commercialize' [kəˈmɜːʃəlaɪz] means to turn something into a product that can be sold to the public or to exploit something for financial gain. It is often used in the context of inventions, art, and education, as well as phrases like 'commercialize on something.' Synonyms include 'monetize' and 'market,' while antonyms include 'decommercialize' and 'disparage.'