comprehension Definition

  • 1the ability to understand something
  • 2the act of understanding something

Using comprehension: Examples

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    The comprehension of complex ideas requires careful study.

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    Her comprehension of the language improved with practice.

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    The teacher tested the students' comprehension of the material.

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    The book is written in a way that aids comprehension.

comprehension Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with comprehension

  • the ability to read and understand written language


    The reading comprehension test was challenging for many of the students.

  • questions designed to test one's understanding of a text or topic


    After reading the article, the students were asked to answer several comprehension questions.

  • the ability to understand and interpret information


    The course focuses on developing students' comprehension skills in various subject areas.


Summary: comprehension in Brief

Comprehension [ˌkɒmprɪˈhɛnʃən] refers to the ability to understand or the act of understanding something. It can be applied to various contexts such as language, ideas, and materials. Examples include 'The comprehension of complex ideas requires careful study.' and 'The book is written in a way that aids comprehension.' Phrases like 'reading comprehension' and 'comprehension skills' denote specific abilities related to understanding.