consecrated Definition

  • 1having been made or declared sacred
  • 2dedicated to a sacred purpose

Using consecrated: Examples

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    The church was consecrated in 1865.

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    The land was consecrated as a cemetery.

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    The priest consecrated the bread and wine during the Mass.

consecrated Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with consecrated

  • a piece of land that has been blessed and set apart for religious purposes, such as a cemetery


    The family buried their loved one in the consecrated ground of the churchyard.

  • a way of life in which a person dedicates themselves entirely to God through religious vows


    She felt called to live a consecrated life as a nun.

  • the bread that has been blessed and transformed into the body of Christ during the Eucharist


    The priest held up the consecrated host for the congregation to see.

Origins of consecrated

from Latin 'consecratus', past participle of 'consecrare', meaning 'to dedicate'


Summary: consecrated in Brief

The term 'consecrated' [ˈkɑːnsəkreɪtɪd] refers to something that has been made or declared sacred, often dedicated to a religious purpose. Examples include consecrated ground, life, and host. Synonyms include 'sacred,' 'holy,' and 'blessed.'