contest Definition

  • 1a competition or a game in which people try to win by being better, faster, or more skillful than others
  • 2an attempt to disprove or invalidate something
  • 3to argue or debate about something

Using contest: Examples

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  • Example

    She won the writing contest with her short story.

  • Example

    The two teams will contest for the championship title this weekend.

  • Example

    The athlete was disqualified from the contest due to a doping violation.

  • Example

    He contested the election results, claiming fraud and irregularities.

contest Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for contest

Phrases with contest

  • to be an easy victory or decision


    The game was no contest as the home team dominated from start to finish.

  • contest of wills

    a situation where two or more people are trying to gain control or influence over each other


    The negotiations turned into a contest of wills between the two leaders.

  • to challenge or dispute the result of something


    The losing candidate has decided to contest the outcome of the election.

Origins of contest

from Latin 'contestari', meaning 'to call to witness'


Summary: contest in Brief

A 'contest' [ˈkɒntest] is a competition or game where individuals or teams compete to win. It can also refer to an attempt to disprove something or to argue or debate about something. Examples include 'She won the writing contest with her short story' and 'He contested the election results.' Phrases include 'be no contest,' meaning an easy victory, and 'contest of wills,' referring to a situation where two or more people are trying to gain control over each other.

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