continue Definition

  • 1persist in an activity or process
  • 2resume an activity after an interruption
  • 3keep existing or happening without stopping

Using continue: Examples

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  • Example

    She decided to continue her studies.

  • Example

    The game will continue tomorrow due to bad weather.

  • Example

    He paused for a moment before continuing with his story.

  • Example

    The rain continued all night.

continue Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using continue

  • let something/someone continue

    to allow something or someone to keep going or happening


    The teacher let the discussion continue for a few more minutes.

  • to keep studying or learning after finishing school


    After high school, she decided to continue her education at university.

  • to continue in the same way or style as before


    The author's latest book continues in the same vein as his previous works.

Phrases with continue

  • to keep doing something that you have been doing before


    I will continue working on this project until it's finished.

  • to resume doing something that was stopped or interrupted


    After the break, we will continue with the next lesson.

  • to persist in doing something


    Despite the difficulties, he continued to pursue his dream.

Origins of continue

from Latin 'continuare', meaning 'to make continuous'


Summary: continue in Brief

The verb 'continue' [kənˈtɪnjuː] means to persist in an activity or process, resume an activity after an interruption, or keep existing or happening without stopping. It can be used in phrases like 'continue doing something,' 'continue with something,' and 'continue to do something.' The idiom 'let something/someone continue' means to allow something or someone to keep going or happening.

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