cookbook Definition

a book containing recipes and instructions for preparing food.

Using cookbook: Examples

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    I bought a new cookbook to try out some new recipes.

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    She learned how to cook by following recipes in her mother's old cookbook.

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    This cookbook has a great selection of vegetarian dishes.

cookbook Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for cookbook

  • recipe book
  • cookery book
  • cooking guide

Phrases with cookbook

  • a cookbook that contains recipes passed down through a family


    My grandmother's family cookbook has been passed down for generations.

  • a cookbook that focuses on the cuisine of a particular region or locality


    This regional cookbook features recipes from all over the American South.

  • a cookbook written by a famous person, often a celebrity chef


    I got this celebrity cookbook signed by the author at a book signing event.


Summary: cookbook in Brief

A 'cookbook' [kʊk.bʊk] is a book that contains recipes and instructions for preparing food. It can be used to learn how to cook or to try out new recipes, such as vegetarian dishes. Cookbooks can also be specialized, like 'family cookbooks' with recipes passed down through generations, 'regional cookbooks' with recipes from a particular area, or 'celebrity cookbooks' written by famous chefs.

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