cowboy Definition

a man, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle, especially in the western US.

Using cowboy: Examples

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    He's a cowboy from Texas.

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    The rodeo featured some of the best cowboys in the country.

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    She grew up on a ranch and learned to ride horses like a cowboy.

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    The cowboy rode off into the sunset.

cowboy Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using cowboy

  • cowboy up

    to toughen up and face a difficult situation with courage and determination


    It's time to cowboy up and finish this project before the deadline.

  • the use of aggressive or forceful tactics in international relations, often associated with the foreign policy of the United States


    Some critics argue that cowboy diplomacy has damaged America's reputation abroad.

  • an attitude characterized by individualism, risk-taking, and a disregard for rules or authority


    His cowboy mentality often got him into trouble with his bosses.

Phrases with cowboy

  • a person who adopts the dress or mannerisms of a cowboy while living in an urban area


    He may live in the city, but he's got the heart of an urban cowboy.

  • cowboy boots

    a type of riding boot with a high shaft and pointed toe, traditionally made of leather


    She wore her favorite pair of cowboy boots to the rodeo.

  • a wide-brimmed hat with a high crown, traditionally worn by cowboys


    He tipped his cowboy hat to the ladies as he walked by.

Origins of cowboy

from cow + boy, originally used to describe a cattle driver


Summary: cowboy in Brief

A 'cowboy' [ˈkaʊbɔɪ] is a man who herds and tends cattle, usually on horseback, particularly in the western US. The term extends to phrases like 'urban cowboy,' referring to someone who adopts cowboy dress or mannerisms in an urban setting, and idioms like 'cowboy up,' meaning to face a difficult situation with courage and determination.

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