cower Definition

to bend low and move back because you are frightened.

Using cower: Examples

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    The dog cowered under the table when it heard thunder.

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    She cowered in fear when she saw the gun.

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    The child cowered behind his mother's legs.

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    He cowered at the sight of his angry boss.

cower Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with cower

  • to move away from someone or something in a frightened way


    The cat cowered away from the vacuum cleaner.

  • to move to the corner of a room and bend down because you are frightened


    The child cowered in the corner of the room when he saw the spider.

  • to show fear or respect to someone in authority


    The soldiers cowered before the general.

Origins of cower

from Middle Low German 'kuren', meaning 'to lie in wait'


Summary: cower in Brief

'Cower' [ˈkaʊər] is a verb that means to move back and bend low due to fear. It is often used to describe animals or people who are afraid of something or someone. Examples include 'The dog cowered under the table when it heard thunder' and 'She cowered in fear when she saw the gun.' Synonyms include 'cringe,' 'flinch,' and 'shrink.'

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