debatable Definition

  • 1open to discussion or argument
  • 2not settled or decided

Using debatable: Examples

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    Whether or not the movie is a masterpiece is debatable.

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    The effectiveness of the new policy is debatable.

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    His claim that he won the race is highly debatable.

debatable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with debatable

  • debatable point/question

    a point or question that is open to debate or discussion


    The issue of gun control is a debatable question in the United States.

  • debatable proposition

    a statement or idea that is open to debate or discussion


    The debatable proposition that all men are created equal is a cornerstone of American democracy.

  • a statement that is open to debate or discussion, often used in legal contexts


    The debatable claim that the defendant acted in self-defense was hotly contested by the prosecution.


Summary: debatable in Brief

The adjective 'debatable' [dɪˈbeɪtəbl] describes something that is open to discussion or argument, and not yet settled or decided. It is often used to express uncertainty or doubt, as in 'Whether or not the movie is a masterpiece is debatable.' 'Debatable' can be used in phrases like 'debatable point/question,' 'debatable proposition,' and 'debatable claim,' which refer to issues or statements that are open to debate or discussion.