deleterious Definition

harmful or damaging.

Using deleterious: Examples

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    Smoking has a deleterious effect on your health.

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    The chemicals in the water have a deleterious impact on marine life.

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    The company's decision had a deleterious effect on the environment.

deleterious Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for deleterious

Phrases with deleterious

  • deleterious effects

    negative consequences or outcomes that result from harmful actions or decisions


    The deleterious effects of pollution on the environment are becoming increasingly apparent.

  • the negative influence or effect that something has on a person, group, or thing


    The deleterious impact of the pandemic on the economy is expected to last for years.

  • a chemical or other substance that is harmful or toxic to living organisms


    The use of deleterious substances in agriculture can have serious consequences for human health.

Origins of deleterious

from Greek 'dēlētḗrios', meaning 'noxious'


Summary: deleterious in Brief

'Deleterious' [del-i-teer-ee-uhs] means harmful or damaging. It is often used to describe the negative effects of actions or decisions, such as smoking's deleterious effect on health or the deleterious impact of pollution on the environment.