dematerialize Definition

to disappear or cause something to disappear, especially in a way that seems magical.

Using dematerialize: Examples

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  • Example

    The magician made the rabbit dematerialize.

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    The fog began to lift and the trees slowly dematerialized into view.

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    The company's assets seemed to dematerialize overnight.

dematerialize Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for dematerialize

Phrases with dematerialize

  • to disappear completely and suddenly


    The money he invested in the stock market seemed to dematerialize into thin air.

  • to convert a physical document into a digital format


    We need to dematerialize all of our paper records to save space.

  • to reduce the amount of material used in a product, making it more environmentally friendly


    The company is working to dematerialize their packaging to reduce waste.


Summary: dematerialize in Brief

The verb 'dematerialize' [dee-muh-teer-ee-uh-lahyz] means to disappear or cause something to disappear, often in a seemingly magical way. It can be used to describe physical objects, such as a rabbit in a magic trick, or abstract concepts, such as a company's assets. The phrase 'dematerialize into thin air' denotes a sudden and complete disappearance, while 'dematerialize a document' and 'dematerialize a product' refer to converting physical objects into digital formats or reducing the amount of material used in a product, respectively.