denigrate Definition

  • 1to criticize unfairly; disparage
  • 2to belittle or defame someone's character or reputation

Using denigrate: Examples

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  • Example

    The article denigrated his achievements and portrayed him as a failure.

  • Example

    She felt denigrated by the comments made about her appearance.

  • Example

    It is not appropriate to denigrate someone based on their race or ethnicity.

denigrate Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for denigrate

Phrases with denigrate

  • denigrate someone's name

    to damage or ruin someone's reputation


    He was accused of denigrating his opponent's name during the election campaign.

  • denigrate someone's character

    to criticize or speak ill of someone in a way that damages their reputation or integrity


    The tabloid newspaper denigrated the actress's character with false accusations and rumors.

  • denigrate someone's work

    to criticize or belittle someone's creative or professional output


    The art critic denigrated the artist's work, calling it derivative and uninspired.

Origins of denigrate

from Latin 'denigratus', meaning 'blackened'


Summary: denigrate in Brief

'Denigrate' [ˈdɛnɪɡreɪt] means to unfairly criticize or belittle someone or something. It can refer to damaging someone's reputation or character, as in 'The article denigrated his achievements and portrayed him as a failure.' 'Denigrate' is a formal term that can be replaced by 'disparage' or 'deprecate.'