derangement Definition

  • 1the state of being insane or mentally disturbed
  • 2a disturbance of normal bodily functioning or operation

Using derangement: Examples

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  • Example

    The patient's derangement was caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

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    The derangement of the digestive system caused severe discomfort.

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    The derangement of the climate has led to unpredictable weather patterns.

derangement Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with derangement

  • mental derangement

    a severe mental disorder that interferes with normal functioning


    The patient was diagnosed with mental derangement and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

  • a condition in which the senses are distorted or impaired


    The drug caused a temporary derangement of the senses, making it difficult for the user to distinguish reality from fantasy.

  • a state of mental confusion or disorientation


    The stress of the job caused a temporary derangement of the mind, leading to difficulty concentrating and making decisions.


Summary: derangement in Brief

Derangement [dɪˈreɪndʒmənt] refers to a state of mental or physical disturbance. It can be used to describe a severe mental disorder, such as 'mental derangement,' or a disruption of normal bodily functioning, such as 'derangement of the digestive system.' Derangement can also refer to the disruption of natural systems, such as 'derangement of the climate.'