madness Definition

  • 1the state of being mentally ill, especially severely
  • 2extremely foolish or stupid behavior

Using madness: Examples

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    The madness of the king was well-known throughout the kingdom.

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    It's madness to go out in this storm!

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    The idea that the earth is flat is pure madness.

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    The madness of war has destroyed countless lives.

madness Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for madness

Idioms Using madness

  • to cause someone to become extremely angry or frustrated


    The constant noise from the construction site next door is driving me to madness!

  • to have a slightly eccentric or unconventional personality


    She's a brilliant artist, but she definitely has a touch of madness about her.

  • completely insane or crazy


    After years of exposure to mercury, hat makers were known to go mad. That's why we have the phrase 'mad as a hatter.'

Phrases with madness

  • used to express that a person's mental health can be negatively affected by a stressful situation or experience


    Working long hours without rest can lead to burnout. Remember, madness takes its toll.

  • madness of crowds

    a phenomenon where a large group of people can collectively engage in irrational or dangerous behavior


    The madness of crowds can lead to panic and chaos, as seen in stampedes or riots.

  • a phrase used to describe a seemingly crazy or unconventional approach to problem-solving that actually works


    His colleagues thought his methods were insane, but he proved them wrong. There was madness in his method.

Origins of madness

from Old English 'gemรฆdde', meaning 'out of one's mind'


Summary: madness in Brief

The term 'madness' [หˆmรฆdnษ™s] refers to a state of severe mental illness or extremely foolish behavior. It can be used to describe the irrational behavior of individuals or groups, as in 'The madness of war.' Phrases like 'madness takes its toll' and idioms like 'mad as a hatter' further illustrate the concept of madness.

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