mad Definition

  • 1mentally ill; insane
  • 2very angry
  • 3extremely enthusiastic about someone or something

Using mad: Examples

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  • Example

    He went mad after losing his job.

  • Example

    I'm mad at you for forgetting my birthday.

  • Example

    She's mad about horses and spends all her free time riding.

  • Example

    The crowd went mad with excitement when the band started playing.

mad Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using mad

  • to be extremely angry


    I'm mad as hell that they canceled my favorite TV show.

  • to be very angry at someone


    She has a mad on for her ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her.

  • money set aside for frivolous or unexpected expenses


    I always keep some mad money in my wallet in case I see something I really want to buy.

Phrases with mad

  • completely crazy or insane


    After years of working in the chemical plant, he was mad as a hatter.

  • to make someone very angry or frustrated


    The constant noise from the construction site is driving me mad.

  • to be very enthusiastic about someone or something


    She's mad about her new boyfriend and can't stop talking about him.

Origins of mad

from Old English 'gemǣdde', meaning 'out of one's mind'


Summary: mad in Brief

The term 'mad' [mæd] has three main meanings: mentally ill or insane, very angry, and extremely enthusiastic. It can be used to describe people, emotions, or situations. Examples include 'He went mad after losing his job,' 'I'm mad at you for forgetting my birthday,' and 'She's mad about horses.' Idioms like 'be mad as hell' and 'have a mad on' emphasize extreme anger, while 'mad money' refers to money set aside for frivolous expenses.

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