hatter Definition

a person who makes or sells hats.

Using hatter: Examples

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    The hatter designed a beautiful hat for the wedding.

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    She bought a new hat from the local hatter.

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    The hatter's shop was filled with various styles of hats.

hatter Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for hatter

Phrases with hatter

  • crazy or eccentric, often due to exposure to mercury used in hat-making in the past


    After years of working in the hat factory, he became mad as a hatter.

  • talk through one's hat

    to talk nonsense or make false statements


    He doesn't know anything about the topic; he's just talking through his hat.

  • to keep something secret or confidential


    I can't tell you yet; I'm keeping it under my hat for now.


Summary: hatter in Brief

A 'hatter' [ˈhætər] is a person who makes or sells hats. The term is often associated with phrases like 'mad as a hatter,' which refers to someone who is crazy or eccentric, and 'talk through one's hat,' which means to talk nonsense. 'Hatter' also appears in idioms like 'keep something under one's hat,' meaning to keep something secret.

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