craziness Definition

  • 1the state of being mentally ill, especially in a way that results in severe and bizarre behavior
  • 2extremely enthusiastic or passionate about someone or something

Using craziness: Examples

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  • Example

    The craziness of his behavior made us worry about his mental health.

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    Her craziness for rock music is contagious.

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    I love the craziness of this city.

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    The craziness of the party lasted until dawn.

craziness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for craziness

Phrases with craziness

  • to make someone feel extremely annoyed or frustrated


    His constant complaining was driving me to craziness.

  • an intense feeling of attraction or infatuation towards someone


    She had a craziness for him since the first time they met.

  • an intense passion or enthusiasm for something


    His craziness for football led him to become a professional player.


Summary: craziness in Brief

Craziness [ˈkreɪzi.nəs] can refer to either a state of mental illness resulting in bizarre behavior or an extreme enthusiasm or passion for someone or something. Examples include 'The craziness of his behavior made us worry about his mental health.' and 'Her craziness for rock music is contagious.' Phrases include 'drive someone to craziness,' denoting extreme annoyance, and 'craziness for someone,' indicating intense attraction.

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