lunacy Definition

  • 1the state of being mentally ill, especially in a way that is dangerous or violent
  • 2extreme foolishness or irrationality

Using lunacy: Examples

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    The killer's defense was based on his alleged lunacy at the time of the crime.

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    It would be sheer lunacy to invest all your money in one stock.

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    The idea that the earth is flat is pure lunacy.

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    The company's decision to lay off its most experienced workers was an act of lunacy.

lunacy Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using lunacy

  • extreme madness or insanity


    The idea that the earth is flat is howling lunacy.

  • a humorous way of saying that mental illness is common in a particular family


    My grandfather was insane, my father was insane, and now I think lunacy runs in the family.

  • the irrational behavior or extreme emotions associated with being in love


    She couldn't explain why she kept going back to him, except to say that the lunacy of love had taken over.

Phrases with lunacy

  • a legal defense strategy that claims the defendant was not responsible for their actions due to mental illness


    The defendant's lawyers entered a plea of lunacy, arguing that he was not in control of his actions at the time of the crime.

  • a section of a hospital or institution that specializes in treating patients with severe mental illness


    After his breakdown, he was committed to a lunacy ward for several months.

  • a place or situation that attracts people who are eccentric, crazy, or otherwise unusual


    The small town became a lunacy magnet for artists and writers seeking inspiration.

Origins of lunacy

from Old French 'lunaire', meaning 'moonstruck'


Summary: lunacy in Brief

The term 'lunacy' [ˈluːnəsi] refers to the state of being mentally ill, often in a dangerous or violent way, or to extreme foolishness or irrationality. It can be used in legal contexts, as in 'lunacy plea,' or in medical contexts, as in 'lunacy ward.' The phrase 'howling lunacy' denotes extreme madness, while 'lunacy of love' describes the irrational behavior associated with being in love.

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