dip Definition

  • 1to put something briefly into a liquid or substance and then remove it
  • 2to lower something or yourself quickly into water, a container, etc. and then take it out again
  • 3a creamy mixture eaten with chips or raw vegetables

Using dip: Examples

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  • Example

    She dipped her brush into the paint.

  • Example

    He dipped his head in greeting.

  • Example

    I'm going for a dip in the pool.

  • Example

    I love eating chips with a sour cream and onion dip.

dip Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for dip

Phrases with dip

  • to try something new or unfamiliar in a cautious way


    I'm thinking of investing in stocks, but I'm just going to dip my toe in the water for now.

  • double dip

    to dip a chip or vegetable into a shared dip after taking a bite, considered impolite


    Don't double dip your chip in the salsa!

  • to purchase stocks or other investments when their prices have temporarily fallen


    Many investors are looking to buy the dip in this market downturn.


Summary: dip in Brief

The verb 'dip' [dɪp] means to briefly put something into a liquid or substance, or to quickly lower oneself into water. As a noun, 'dip' refers to a creamy mixture eaten with chips or vegetables. Common phrases include 'dip your toe in the water,' meaning to try something new cautiously, and 'double dip,' which is considered impolite. 'Buy the dip' refers to purchasing stocks or investments when their prices have temporarily fallen.

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