discomfort Definition

  • 1a feeling of physical or mental unease
  • 2something that causes physical or mental unease

Using discomfort: Examples

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    The tight shoes caused discomfort in her feet.

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    He felt a sense of discomfort when he realized he was being watched.

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    The loud noise created a great deal of discomfort for the baby.

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    She tried to hide her discomfort during the interview.

discomfort Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with discomfort

  • a situation or activity that is outside one's comfort level or usual routine, often used in reference to personal growth or development


    Public speaking is outside my comfort zone, but I know it's important for my personal growth to push myself into my discomfort zone.

  • food that is not healthy but provides a sense of comfort or emotional satisfaction


    I know it's not good for me, but sometimes I just need some discomfort food like pizza or ice cream.

  • a silence that creates an uneasy or awkward feeling


    After the argument, there was a discomforting silence between them.


Summary: discomfort in Brief

The term 'discomfort' [dɪsˈkʌmfət] refers to a feeling of physical or mental unease, or something that causes such a feeling. It can be caused by various factors, from tight shoes to awkward situations, and is often accompanied by attempts to hide or alleviate it. The phrase 'discomfort zone' denotes situations outside one's comfort level, while 'discomfort food' refers to unhealthy but comforting food.

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