discussion Definition

  • 1the process of talking about something with other people and exchanging ideas or opinions
  • 2a conversation or debate about a specific topic or issue

Using discussion: Examples

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    We had a long discussion about the future of the company.

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    The panel will hold a discussion on climate change.

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    I want to have a discussion with you about your behavior.

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    The teacher led a discussion about the book we read.

discussion Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using discussion

  • a topic or issue that can be discussed at length


    The new policy provides plenty of food for discussion.

  • being talked about or considered


    The proposal is still under discussion.

  • a topic or issue that is no longer relevant or worth discussing


    The decision has already been made, so further discussion is moot.

Phrases with discussion

  • a conversation where everyone is free to express their opinions and ideas


    We encourage open discussion in our meetings.

  • in-depth discussion

    a detailed and thorough conversation about a topic or issue


    We need to have an in-depth discussion about the budget.

  • a conversation involving several people discussing a topic or issue


    We had a group discussion about the project.

Origins of discussion

from Latin 'discussio', meaning 'examination, discussion'


Summary: discussion in Brief

The term 'discussion' [dɪˈskʌʃən] refers to the process of exchanging ideas or opinions about a specific topic or issue. It can be a conversation or debate, such as 'The panel will hold a discussion on climate change.' 'Discussion' extends into phrases like 'open discussion,' and idioms like 'food for discussion,' denoting a topic that can be discussed at length.

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