diseased Definition

  • 1having a disease; affected by a disease
  • 2causing or characterized by disease

Using diseased: Examples

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  • Example

    The tree was diseased and had to be cut down.

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    The city is facing a diseased rat problem.

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    The doctor diagnosed him with a diseased liver.

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    The water supply was contaminated with diseased bacteria.

diseased Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for diseased

Phrases with diseased

  • a mind that is affected by mental illness or disorder


    The criminal had a diseased mind, which led him to commit heinous crimes.

  • tissue that is affected by a disease or disorder


    The biopsy showed that the patient had diseased tissue in their lungs.

  • a state of being affected by a disease or disorder


    The patient was in a diseased state and required immediate medical attention.


Summary: diseased in Brief

The term 'diseased' [dɪˈziːzd] refers to something that is affected by a disease or disorder, or something that causes disease. It can describe physical objects like trees, rats, and bacteria, as well as living beings like humans. Phrases like 'diseased mind' and 'diseased tissue' denote specific areas of affliction, while 'diseased state' refers to a general condition of being unwell.