wholesome Definition

  • 1conducive to or promoting moral or physical well-being
  • 2representing or inspiring health, vitality, and well-being

Using wholesome: Examples

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  • Example

    She enjoys cooking wholesome meals for her family.

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    The movie is a wholesome family comedy.

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    He has a wholesome attitude towards life.

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    The company promotes wholesome values and ethics.

wholesome Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with wholesome

  • entertainment that is suitable for all ages and does not contain any offensive or inappropriate content


    The theme park offers wholesome entertainment for families.

  • food that is nutritious and good for your health


    She always tries to eat wholesome food to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • an image that portrays someone or something as being pure, innocent, and morally upright


    The politician tried to project a wholesome image to appeal to voters.

Origins of wholesome

from whole + -some (suffix forming adjectives indicating a tendency toward a particular quality)


Summary: wholesome in Brief

The term 'wholesome' [ˈhoʊlsəm] describes things that promote moral or physical well-being, such as healthy food or entertainment. It can also refer to attitudes or values that are positive and uplifting, like a wholesome attitude towards life. Examples include 'She enjoys cooking wholesome meals for her family' and 'The company promotes wholesome values and ethics.'