salubrious Definition

  • 1health-giving; healthy
  • 2pleasant; not run-down

Using salubrious: Examples

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    The salubrious climate of the region attracts many tourists.

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    The hotel is located in a salubrious neighborhood.

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    The fresh air and exercise made for a salubrious lifestyle.

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    The salubrious effects of the new diet were immediately apparent.

salubrious Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with salubrious

  • a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being


    She adopted a regimen of salubrious living, including regular exercise and a balanced diet.

  • salubrious surroundings

    an environment that is clean, pleasant, and conducive to good health


    The park provides a space for salubrious surroundings, with plenty of greenery and fresh air.

  • salubrious effects

    the beneficial impact of something on health and well-being


    The salubrious effects of the new medication were evident within days.

Origins of salubrious

from Latin 'salubris', meaning 'healthful'


Summary: salubrious in Brief

The term 'salubrious' [səˈluːbriəs] refers to things that promote health and well-being, such as a healthy climate or pleasant surroundings. It can also describe a lifestyle that prioritizes health, as in 'salubrious living.' Synonyms include 'wholesome,' 'invigorating,' and 'refreshing.' Antonyms include 'unhealthy' and 'harmful.'