noxious Definition

harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant.

Using noxious: Examples

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    The fumes from the factory were noxious and caused health problems for the nearby residents.

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    The plant is known to produce noxious chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

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    The smell of the rotten food was so noxious that it made me feel sick.

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    The cleaning product contains noxious chemicals that should be handled with care.

noxious Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with noxious

  • noxious gas

    a poisonous gas that can cause harm to living organisms


    The factory released a noxious gas that caused respiratory problems for the people living nearby.

  • an invasive plant species that can cause harm to the environment or other plants


    The noxious weed has taken over the garden and is killing off the other plants.

  • a harmful chemical or material that can cause damage to living organisms or the environment


    The disposal of noxious substances must be done in accordance with environmental regulations.

Origins of noxious

from Latin 'noxius', meaning 'hurtful'


Summary: noxious in Brief

The term 'noxious' [ˈnɒkʃəs] refers to something that is harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant. It can describe anything from fumes and chemicals to rotten food or invasive plants. Phrases like 'noxious gas' and 'noxious weed' denote specific types of harm, while the adjective itself is often used formally to describe dangerous substances.