harmless Definition

  • 1not likely to cause harm or injury
  • 2innocuous

Using harmless: Examples

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  • Example

    The spider in the corner is harmless.

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    The joke was harmless and made everyone laugh.

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    The chemical is harmless to humans but toxic to animals.

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    The prank was harmless, but it still upset her.

harmless Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for harmless

Phrases with harmless

  • an activity that is not dangerous or harmful, usually done for enjoyment


    Playing pranks on each other is just harmless fun.

  • a lie that does not cause any harm or damage


    It was just a harmless lie to protect her feelings.

  • bacteria that do not cause disease or harm to humans


    Some bacteria are actually harmless and can even be beneficial to our health.


Summary: harmless in Brief

The term 'harmless' [ˈhɑːmləs] means not likely to cause harm or injury. It can refer to physical objects like spiders or chemicals, as well as non-physical things like jokes or pranks. Common phrases include 'harmless fun,' 'harmless lie,' and 'harmless bacteria.' Antonyms include 'dangerous,' 'hazardous,' and 'toxic.'

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