toxic Definition

  • 1poisonous
  • 2harmful
  • 3causing serious damage to health
  • 4relating to or caused by poison

Using toxic: Examples

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    The toxic gas killed many people in the area.

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    The company was accused of dumping toxic waste into the river.

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    Their relationship was toxic and unhealthy.

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    The workplace environment was toxic and stressful.

toxic Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with toxic

  • a set of attitudes and behaviors that are widely seen as harmful and destructive, often associated with traditional gender roles and expectations


    The concept of toxic masculinity has gained attention in recent years as a way to understand and address issues like sexual harassment and violence.

  • a relationship that is emotionally or psychologically damaging to one or both partners


    She finally ended the toxic relationship after realizing how much it was affecting her mental health.

  • a work environment that is characterized by negative attitudes, behaviors, and practices, often leading to low morale, high turnover, and poor performance


    The CEO vowed to change the toxic culture at the company and create a more positive and supportive workplace.


Summary: toxic in Brief

The term 'toxic' [ˈtɒksɪk] refers to something that is poisonous, harmful, or damaging to health. It can describe physical substances like toxic waste or gases, as well as emotional or psychological situations like toxic relationships or cultures. 'Toxic' is often used in phrases like 'toxic masculinity' and 'toxic culture,' which refer to negative attitudes and behaviors that can cause harm.

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