innocuous Definition

not harmful or offensive.

Using innocuous: Examples

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    The spider may look scary, but it is innocuous and not poisonous.

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    His comment was innocuous and did not offend anyone.

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    The book contained innocuous information about the history of the town.

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    The medicine is innocuous and has no side effects.

innocuous Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with innocuous

  • a question that is not intended to cause offense or harm


    She asked an innocuous question about his hobbies.

  • a comment that is not intended to cause offense or harm


    He made an innocuous remark about the weather.

  • a substance that is not harmful or toxic


    The cleaning product is made from innocuous substances.

Origins of innocuous

from Latin 'innocuus', meaning 'harmless'


Summary: innocuous in Brief

'Innocuous' [ɪˈnɒkjʊəs] means not harmful or offensive. It can be used to describe anything that poses no danger or threat, such as a harmless spider or an inoffensive comment. The phrase 'innocuous question' refers to a question that is not meant to cause offense or harm.