disintegrate Definition

  • 1break up into small parts, typically as the result of impact or decay
  • 2lose cohesion or unity

Using disintegrate: Examples

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  • Example

    The old building is disintegrating due to neglect.

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    The meteorite disintegrated upon impact with the Earth's atmosphere.

  • Example

    The team's morale began to disintegrate after losing several games in a row.

disintegrate Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for disintegrate

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Phrases with disintegrate

  • to disappear completely and suddenly


    The thief vanished, seemingly disintegrating into thin air.

  • to fall apart or lose cohesion when subjected to stress or pressure


    The company's management structure began to disintegrate under the pressure of the economic downturn.

  • to break down into disorder and confusion


    The peaceful protest disintegrated into chaos when a group of agitators arrived and began inciting violence.

Origins of disintegrate

from Latin 'dis-', meaning 'apart', and 'integrare', meaning 'to make whole'


Summary: disintegrate in Brief

'Disintegrate' [dɪsˈɪntəɡreɪt] means to break up into small parts due to impact or decay, or to lose cohesion or unity. Examples include the disintegration of an old building due to neglect, or the disintegration of a team's morale after losing several games in a row. Phrases like 'disintegrate into thin air' and 'disintegrate under pressure' add nuance to the term.

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