dissipation Definition

  • 1the process of gradually disappearing or becoming less
  • 2the act of wasting something, especially money or time
  • 3indulgence in sensual pleasures to a degree that is considered harmful

Using dissipation: Examples

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    The dissipation of the morning fog revealed a beautiful sunrise.

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    His dissipation of his inheritance on gambling and parties left him penniless.

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    Her dissipation into drugs and alcohol led to her downfall.

dissipation Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for dissipation

Idioms Using dissipation

  • dissipation of wealth

    the loss or wasting of wealth through excessive spending or poor financial management


    The dissipation of wealth among the aristocracy contributed to the French Revolution.

  • the underutilization or waste of someone's talents or abilities


    The lack of opportunities for young artists often leads to the dissipation of talent.

  • dissipation of resources

    the inefficient or wasteful use of resources, especially in environmental contexts


    The dissipation of natural resources is a major concern for conservationists.

Phrases with dissipation

  • the process of releasing heat from an object or system


    The computer's cooling system is designed for efficient heat dissipation.

  • the loss of energy due to friction or other processes


    The dissipation of energy in the form of heat is a common phenomenon in mechanical systems.

  • the squandering or wasting of assets, especially in a legal context such as bankruptcy


    The court ordered the dissipation of assets to pay off the company's debts.

Origins of dissipation

from Latin 'dissipationem', meaning 'a scattering'


Summary: dissipation in Brief

The term 'dissipation' [ˌdɪsɪˈpeɪʃn] refers to the gradual disappearance or wasting of something, such as time, money, or energy. It can also refer to indulgence in harmful sensual pleasures. Examples include 'The dissipation of the morning fog revealed a beautiful sunrise.' and 'Her dissipation into drugs and alcohol led to her downfall.' Phrases like 'heat dissipation' and idioms like 'dissipation of wealth' extend the concept to specific contexts.