doctor Definition

  • 1a person who is qualified to treat people who are ill or injured
  • 2a person who has a doctorate, especially a PhD

Using doctor: Examples

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    I need to go see the doctor about my cough.

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    She's a doctor of psychology.

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    He's a medical doctor who specializes in cardiology.

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    The doctor prescribed some medication for her back pain.

doctor Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using doctor

  • play doctor

    to pretend to be a doctor, especially as a child


    When we were kids, we used to play doctor and give each other check-ups.

  • to ask a doctor to come and see a patient


    We had to call in the doctor when my grandfather started having chest pains.

  • doctor up

    to add something to food or drink to make it taste better or to improve its appearance, often in a way that is not honest or legal


    He doctored up the soup with extra spices to make it more flavorful.

Phrases with doctor

  • Doctor's orders

    an instruction given by a doctor, especially one that is strict or must be followed exactly


    I can't eat any sugar because of the doctor's orders.

  • Doctor's note

    a written statement from a doctor that excuses a patient from work or school due to illness


    I had to bring in a doctor's note to prove that I was really sick.

  • Doctor's surgery

    a place where a doctor sees patients for consultations and treatment


    I have an appointment at the doctor's surgery tomorrow morning.

Origins of doctor

from Latin 'doctus', meaning 'learned'


Summary: doctor in Brief

The term 'doctor' [ˈdɑːktər] refers to a person who is qualified to treat people who are ill or injured, or a person who has a doctorate. It encompasses various fields such as medicine, psychology, and education. Phrases like 'Doctor's orders' and 'Doctor's note' denote instructions and statements from doctors, while idioms like 'play doctor' and 'call in the doctor' refer to pretending to be a doctor and requesting a doctor's visit, respectively.

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