drought Definition

a long period of time when there is little or no rain and crops die.

Using drought: Examples

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    The drought caused the crops to wither and die.

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    The region has been suffering from a severe drought for several years.

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    The government declared a state of emergency due to the drought.

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    The drought has led to a shortage of drinking water.

drought Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with drought

  • drought-resistant

    able to withstand or survive in dry conditions


    These plants are drought-resistant and can grow in arid regions.

  • aid provided to people or areas affected by a drought


    The government has allocated funds for drought relief efforts.

  • a system that tracks and reports on drought conditions in a given area


    The drought monitor shows that the entire state is experiencing severe drought.


Summary: drought in Brief

A 'drought' [draut] is a prolonged period of little or no rain, causing crops to die. It can lead to water shortages and emergency situations, as seen in 'The government declared a state of emergency due to the drought.' 'Drought' extends into phrases like 'drought-resistant,' referring to plants that can survive in dry conditions, and 'drought relief,' which is aid provided to those affected by a drought.

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