deluge Definition

  • 1a severe flood
  • 2a sudden heavy fall of rain
  • 3an overwhelming amount of something

Using deluge: Examples

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  • Example

    The deluge caused widespread damage to the city.

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    We were caught in a deluge on our way home.

  • Example

    The company received a deluge of complaints after the product was released.

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    The website experienced a deluge of traffic after the announcement.

deluge Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for deluge

Idioms Using deluge

  • in large quantities or amounts


    The donations came in like a deluge after the charity appeal was broadcast.

  • an overwhelming amount of tears


    She burst into a deluge of tears when she heard the news.

  • to survive a difficult or challenging situation


    The company managed to weather the deluge of negative publicity and come out stronger.

Phrases with deluge

  • a deluge of emails

    an overwhelming amount of emails


    After the announcement, she received a deluge of emails from interested parties.

  • an overwhelming amount of criticism


    The company faced a deluge of criticism after the product was found to be faulty.

  • an overwhelming amount of information


    The report contained a deluge of information that was difficult to process.

Origins of deluge

from Old French 'deluge', from Latin 'diluvium', meaning 'flood'


Summary: deluge in Brief

The term 'deluge' [ˈdeljuːdʒ] refers to a severe flood, a sudden heavy fall of rain, or an overwhelming amount of something. It can describe natural disasters, such as 'The deluge caused widespread damage to the city,' or figurative situations, such as 'The company received a deluge of complaints after the product was released.' 'Deluge' extends into phrases like 'a deluge of emails,' and idioms like 'like a deluge,' denoting large quantities or amounts.