inundation Definition

  • 1an overwhelming abundance of people or things
  • 2a flood
  • 3the act of overwhelming or flooding with water

Using inundation: Examples

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  • Example

    The town suffered an inundation of tourists during the summer months.

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    The river's inundation caused widespread damage to the surrounding area.

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    The company was faced with an inundation of customer complaints after the product recall.

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    The city's drainage system was unable to handle the inundation of rainwater during the storm.

inundation Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using inundation

  • completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with a situation


    After the sudden influx of orders, the small business was underwater and overboard, struggling to keep up with demand.

  • overwhelmed with a large amount of work to do


    I'm sorry I can't go out tonight, I'm swamped with work and need to catch up.

  • in over your head

    involved in a situation that is too difficult to manage or understand


    He thought he could handle the project, but soon realized he was in over his head.

Phrases with inundation

  • a large amount of mail received at once, often in a short period of time


    After being away on vacation for two weeks, she returned to an inundation of mail.

  • an excessive amount of information that is difficult to process or manage


    The internet has led to an inundation of information, making it difficult to discern what is accurate and what is not.

  • an overwhelming amount of emotions, often negative ones


    After the breakup, she was hit with an inundation of emotions and struggled to cope with the pain.

Origins of inundation

from Latin 'inundatio', meaning 'an overflowing'


Summary: inundation in Brief

The term 'inundation' [in-uhn-dey-shuhn] refers to an overwhelming abundance of people or things, as well as the act of overwhelming or flooding with water. It can be used to describe floods, excessive amounts of information or emotions, and an influx of customers or tourists. Idioms like 'swamped with work' and 'in over your head' express the feeling of being overwhelmed, while 'underwater and overboard' describes being completely unable to cope with a situation.