drowsiness Definition

a feeling of being sleepy and lethargic.

Using drowsiness: Examples

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    The medication can cause drowsiness.

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    I had to fight off drowsiness during the lecture.

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    The driver's drowsiness caused the accident.

drowsiness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with drowsiness

  • to be falling asleep or nearly asleep


    She was nodding with drowsiness during the long meeting.

  • a feeling of sleepiness or fatigue that occurs after a meal


    Many people experience drowsiness after eating a large meal.

  • a feeling of sleepiness or lethargy that occurs in the morning, often due to lack of sleep or poor sleep quality


    I always struggle with drowsiness in the morning, no matter how much sleep I get.


Summary: drowsiness in Brief

'Drowsiness' [ˈdraʊzɪnəs] is a noun that refers to a feeling of being sleepy and lethargic. It can be caused by medication, lack of sleep, or poor sleep quality. Examples include 'The medication can cause drowsiness,' and 'The driver's drowsiness caused the accident.' Phrases like 'nodding with drowsiness' and 'drowsiness after eating' are also common.