drudgery Definition

  • 1hard, menial, or dull work
  • 2a job that is boring and makes you tired

Using drudgery: Examples

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    Cleaning the house is such a drudgery.

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    I hate the drudgery of my job.

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    The daily drudgery of life can be exhausting.

drudgery Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with drudgery

  • an activity or pastime that provides relief from tedious or monotonous work


    Reading books is my escape from drudgery.

  • a life characterized by hard, menial, or dull work


    He was born into a life of drudgery, working long hours in the fields.

  • the tiring and repetitive tasks that make up daily life


    The drudgery of everyday life can be overwhelming at times.

Origins of drudgery

from Middle English 'druggen', meaning 'to toil'


Summary: drudgery in Brief

'Drudgery' [ˈdrʌdʒəri] refers to hard, menial, or dull work, often causing boredom and exhaustion. It is used to describe tedious jobs, such as cleaning the house or office work, and the daily drudgery of life. Phrases like 'escape from drudgery' and 'life of drudgery' provide context for how the term is used.