everyday Definition

  • 1used or seen every day; ordinary and not special
  • 2relating to the routine or mundane

Using everyday: Examples

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    I wear my everyday clothes to work.

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    This is just an everyday occurrence.

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    The book offers practical advice for everyday living.

everyday Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for everyday

Phrases with everyday

  • language that is commonly used in daily life, as opposed to specialized or technical language


    The author uses everyday language to make the book accessible to a wide audience.

  • objects that are commonly used in daily life, such as utensils, furniture, and appliances


    The museum's collection includes a variety of everyday objects from different time periods.

  • a person who performs heroic acts in their daily life, often without recognition or reward


    The firefighter who rescued the child from the burning building is an everyday hero.

Origins of everyday

from 'every' + 'day'


Summary: everyday in Brief

The term 'everyday' [ˈɛvrɪdeɪ] refers to things that are used or seen on a daily basis, or relating to the routine or mundane. It is often used to describe ordinary or commonplace things, as in 'I wear my everyday clothes to work.' 'Everyday' can also refer to practical advice for daily living, as in 'The book offers practical advice for everyday living.'

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