daily Definition

  • 1happening or done every day; occurring or recurring on a daily basis
  • 2relating to the period of a single day

Using daily: Examples

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    She has a daily routine that involves jogging in the morning.

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    The newspaper publishes a daily edition.

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    The company holds daily meetings to discuss progress.

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Phrases with daily

  • the monotonous or tedious aspects of daily life, especially work


    I'm tired of the daily grind and need a vacation.

  • the basic necessities of life, especially food


    Many people struggle to earn their daily bread.

  • a set of exercises or tasks performed regularly as part of one's daily routine


    He starts his day with a daily dozen of push-ups and sit-ups.

Origins of daily

from Old English 'dæglic', meaning 'daily'


Summary: daily in Brief

The term 'daily' [ˈdeɪli] refers to something that happens or is done every day, or relates to the period of a single day. It can describe routines, publications, or meetings, as in 'She has a daily routine that involves jogging in the morning.' 'Daily' also appears in phrases like 'daily grind,' referring to the tedious aspects of daily life, and 'daily bread,' meaning the basic necessities of life.

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