earnestness Definition

  • 1sincere and serious effort or intention
  • 2deep sincerity or seriousness, especially in expressing emotion

Using earnestness: Examples

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    She spoke with great earnestness about the need for change.

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    His earnestness in pursuing his goals was admirable.

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    The actor's earnestness in his performance moved the audience.

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    I appreciate your earnestness in wanting to help.

earnestness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for earnestness

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Phrases with earnestness

  • with sincere and serious intent


    After months of preparation, the project finally began in earnest.

  • with the utmost sincerity and seriousness


    I speak to you with all due earnestness when I say that this issue must be addressed.

  • a deposit made by a buyer to demonstrate their good faith in a transaction


    The seller required a $10,000 earnest money deposit before accepting the offer.

Origins of earnestness

from Old English 'eornost', meaning 'seriousness' or 'zeal'


Summary: earnestness in Brief

'Earnestness' [ur-nist-nis] refers to sincere and serious effort or intention, as well as deep sincerity or seriousness in expressing emotion. It is often used to describe someone's determination, commitment, or devotion, as in 'His earnestness in pursuing his goals was admirable.' The phrase 'in earnest' denotes sincere and serious intent, while 'earnest money' is a deposit made to demonstrate good faith in a transaction.