ecclesiastical Definition

  • 1relating to the Christian Church or its clergy
  • 2having to do with the organization and activities of the Christian Church

Using ecclesiastical: Examples

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    The town's ecclesiastical leaders met to discuss the upcoming festival.

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    The cathedral is a prime example of ecclesiastical architecture.

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    The ecclesiastical hierarchy of the Catholic Church is well-established.

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    The book explores the ecclesiastical history of the region.

ecclesiastical Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with ecclesiastical

  • a court that has jurisdiction over matters relating to the Church, such as disputes between members of the clergy or issues of church property


    The case was brought before the ecclesiastical court for resolution.

  • a geographical area under the jurisdiction of an archbishop or metropolitan bishop


    The diocese is part of the ecclesiastical province of New York.

  • a calendar that lists the dates of important religious events and observances


    The ecclesiastical calendar includes holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

Origins of ecclesiastical

from Late Latin 'ecclesiasticus', from Greek 'ekklēsiastikos', from 'ekklēsiastēs' meaning 'member of an assembly'


Summary: ecclesiastical in Brief

The term 'ecclesiastical' [iˌkliːziˈæstɪkl] refers to things related to the Christian Church, including its organization, activities, and clergy. It can describe architecture, history, and legal matters, as in 'The cathedral is a prime example of ecclesiastical architecture.' 'Ecclesiastical' is often used formally, and can be synonymous with 'religious' or 'clerical.'