educate Definition

  • 1to teach someone, especially in a school or college
  • 2to give someone information about a particular subject
  • 3to bring up or train someone

Using educate: Examples

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    It is the responsibility of parents to educate their children.

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    The government should provide free education for all children.

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    The museum aims to educate visitors about the history of the city.

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    She was educated at a private school.

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Idioms Using educate

  • to cause someone to abandon a particular belief or behavior through education or persuasion


    The teacher hoped to educate her students out of their prejudices and biases.

  • to learn about a particular subject through self-study or research


    He spent months educating himself about the stock market before making his first investment.

  • to provide someone with knowledge or training in a particular subject or skill


    The university educates thousands of students in a wide range of academic disciplines.

Phrases with educate

  • self-education

    the process of educating oneself without the guidance or instruction of others


    He learned how to play the guitar through self-education.

  • an organization that provides education, such as a school, college, or university


    Harvard University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

  • a structured course of study designed to teach a particular subject or set of skills


    The company offers an educational program to help employees improve their communication skills.

Origins of educate

from Latin 'educare', meaning 'to bring up, rear'


Summary: educate in Brief

To 'educate' [ˈɛdjʊkeɪt] means to teach or provide information about a particular subject. It can refer to formal education in schools or colleges, as well as informal learning through self-study or training. 'Educate' can also mean to bring up or train someone. Examples include 'The museum aims to educate visitors about the history of the city' and 'She was educated at a private school.' Idioms like 'educate oneself about something' and 'educate someone in something' highlight the importance of self-study and structured courses.

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