effervescent Definition

  • 1giving off bubbles; fizzy
  • 2vivacious and enthusiastic

Using effervescent: Examples

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    The effervescent water was refreshing on a hot day.

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    She has an effervescent personality that lights up the room.

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    The champagne was effervescent and bubbly.

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    Her effervescent smile was contagious.

effervescent Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for effervescent

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Phrases with effervescent

  • a tablet that dissolves in water to produce a carbonated drink


    He dropped an effervescent tablet into his glass of water.

  • a powder that dissolves in water to produce a carbonated drink


    She mixed the effervescent powder with water to make a refreshing drink.

  • a chemical reaction that produces gas bubbles, often seen as fizzing or bubbling


    The effervescent reaction between baking soda and vinegar creates carbon dioxide gas.

Origins of effervescent

from Latin 'effervescere', meaning 'to boil up'


Summary: effervescent in Brief

The term 'effervescent' [ˌɛfərˈvɛsnt] describes something that is fizzy or giving off bubbles, such as effervescent water or tablets. It can also refer to a person who is lively, animated, and enthusiastic, as in 'She has an effervescent personality.' Other synonyms include 'bubbly' and 'sparkling.'