bubbly Definition

  • 1full of bubbles
  • 2lively and cheerful
  • 3effervescent wine

Using bubbly: Examples

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  • Example

    The water in the glass was bubbly.

  • Example

    She has a bubbly personality.

  • Example

    We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly.

  • Example

    The champagne was bubbly and refreshing.

bubbly Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for bubbly

Phrases with bubbly

  • a bath with lots of bubbles


    After a long day, she likes to relax in a bubbly bath.

  • a carbonated or effervescent drink


    I prefer bubbly drinks over still ones.

  • a lively and cheerful personality


    Her bubbly personality makes her popular among her friends.


Summary: bubbly in Brief

The term 'bubbly' [ˈbʌbli] can refer to something that is full of bubbles, such as a carbonated drink or a bath with lots of bubbles. It can also describe a person who is lively and cheerful, as in 'She has a bubbly personality.' Additionally, it can refer to effervescent wine, as in 'We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly.'

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