fizzy Definition

  • 1containing bubbles of gas that give it a pleasant, slightly sharp taste and make it less flat
  • 2effervescent or sparkling

Using fizzy: Examples

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    I love drinking fizzy drinks like soda and champagne.

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    The water from the soda stream is fizzy and refreshing.

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    The beer was so fizzy that it overflowed when I opened it.

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    The feeling of the fizzy bubbles in my mouth is so satisfying.

fizzy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for fizzy

Phrases with fizzy

  • a carbonated beverage, such as soda or champagne


    I always order a fizzy drink with my meal.

  • water that has been carbonated, also known as sparkling water or seltzer


    I prefer fizzy water over still water because it's more refreshing.

  • the sensation of bubbles popping in one's mouth, often experienced when drinking carbonated beverages


    The fizzy feeling of the soda made me laugh.


Summary: fizzy in Brief

The term 'fizzy' [ˈfɪzi] describes a drink that contains bubbles of gas, giving it a slightly sharp taste and making it less flat. It can also mean effervescent or sparkling. Examples include soda, champagne, and beer. Phrases like 'fizzy drink' and 'fizzy water' are commonly used, and the sensation of bubbles popping in one's mouth is referred to as the 'fizzy feeling.'

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