effigy Definition

a sculpture or model of a person, often one that is made in order to be damaged or destroyed as a protest or expression of anger.

Using effigy: Examples

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    The protesters burned an effigy of the dictator.

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    The museum has a collection of ancient effigies.

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    The artist created an effigy of his deceased wife.

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    The effigy was used in a ritual to honor the ancestors.

effigy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with effigy

  • straw man effigy

    a representation of a person made from straw or other materials, used in various traditional customs and rituals


    The villagers made a straw man effigy to celebrate the harvest festival.

  • a raised pile of earth or stones built in the shape of an animal or human figure, found especially in the Midwest region of the United States


    The effigy mounds were created by Native American tribes for religious and ceremonial purposes.

  • a type of smoking pipe made in the shape of a human or animal figure, used by Native American tribes for spiritual and ceremonial purposes


    The effigy pipe was passed down through generations of the tribe as a sacred object.

Origins of effigy

from Latin 'effigies', meaning 'likeness'


Summary: effigy in Brief

The term 'effigy' [ˈɛfɪdʒi] refers to a sculpture or model of a person, often created for the purpose of protest or anger. It can also be used in traditional customs and rituals, such as a straw man effigy or an effigy mound. The effigy can also take the form of a smoking pipe, known as an effigy pipe.