statue Definition

a three-dimensional work of art, typically representing a person, animal, or abstract form, carved in stone or cast in metal.

Using statue: Examples

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    The statue of liberty is an iconic symbol of the United States.

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    The museum has a collection of ancient Greek statues.

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    The city erected a statue in honor of the famous writer who was born there.

statue Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with statue

  • a statue made of bronze metal


    The park has a beautiful bronze statue of a horse.

  • life-size statue

    a statue that is the same size as the real person or animal it represents


    The museum has a life-size statue of a lion.

  • a statue made of marble stone


    The church has a marble statue of the Virgin Mary.

Origins of statue

from Latin 'statua', meaning 'image, statue'


Summary: statue in Brief

A 'statue' [ˈstætʃuː] is a three-dimensional work of art, often made of stone or metal, that represents a person, animal, or abstract form. Examples include the Statue of Liberty and ancient Greek statues. Phrases like 'bronze statue' and 'life-size statue' describe specific types of statues.

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